Active in the Community

Early in my law practice I participated as a member of the Board of Directors of the Children’s Aid Society of Grey County and upon my return to Toronto, was a volunteer with the Toronto Distress Centre. Both organizations gave me a grounding in, and appreciation of, the importance of volunteering. Since then, I have devoted time to community action as a volunteer to a number of charitable and not for profit boards. My involvement with these organizations has given me unique insights into the opportunities and challenges faced in the sector and has informed the support I offer to not for profits and charities through my legal services.

Professionally, I have been active in the Canadian Bar Association and the Ontario Bar Association, as Past Chair, General Practice Section, Canadian Bar Association Ontario; Past Vice Chair, General Practice Conference, Canadian Bar Association and as a member of the executive of the Charities and Not for Profit Section of the Ontario Bar Association.

Find out more about some of the organizations I have been involved with over the years:
I am a firm advocate of women’s rights in the home, work-place and government. As a member of Soroptimist International Toronto, I have the opportunity of helping to improve the lives of women and girls both locally and abroad. I am also a member of a number of other organizations, including the Swedish Women’s Education Association, promoting Swedish culture and providing grants for student exchange programs. As past co-chair of the Older Women’s Network (Ontario) Inc., I recognize the unique issues encountered by women as we age.

Women from war torn countries need the tools to actively participate in the reconstruction of their community. As a participant in the Women for Women International program supporting rights awareness and job skills training classes for such women, I hope to contribute to the improvement of their lives, and that of their families, in a small way.

As a member of the board of directors of High Notes Avante Productions Inc., I recognize the need to shine a positive  light  on  mental  health  issues. The organization’s goal is to inspire, give hope and support those touched by mental illness–through artistic expression, storytelling and philanthropy.  Its annual gala showcases composers,  artists  and  personalities  who  have  been  touched  by  mental illness.

The mentally ill have difficulties beyond their own illnesses coping in a society which is not always understanding of the numerous struggles faced by those suffering from psychiatric disorders. Mental Health Program Services of Metropolitan Toronto, operating as “Habitat Services” contributes to the quality of life of individuals with serious mental health issues by improving housing standards and providing supports to tenants, particularly but not exclusively in the Parkdale area of the Toronto. As past president/chair of Habitat Services, I supported the programs of this agency.