How I Can Help You

Less stress – a preventative approach to legal services.

Many people assume that a lawyer is someone to be contacted only when a problem arises or they try to save money by seeking legal help from do-it-yourself kits or the internet. In fact, proactively seeking personalised legal advice from a licensed, qualified and experienced lawyer can actually prevent stressful and costly problems from occurring in the first place. Early investment in legal expertise can actually save you time, hassle and expense.

I want to help you avoid having to deal with a problem and, instead support you in creating the legacy, organization, business or relationship that will bring you and the people you care about satisfaction, not stress.

If you are a:
new parent I can help you prepare a properly drafted will to ensure your choice about who should look after your child in the event of your death is honoured and your child’s inheritance is secure. Read more

single or in a new relationship, perhaps with aging parents or adult children, or both, I can help you deal with the legal problems that can arise relating to care-giving, adult dependents, common law partnerships and touch on estate planning and decision-making.

older and want to leave your loved ones with happy memories and a thoughtful inheritance rather than expensive legal troubles and upsetting arguments I can help you plan your legacy and prepare a valid will and power of attorney. Read more

Swedish-Canadian wondering about how to negotiate the complexities of trans-Atlantic estate planning and inheritance laws I can help you access legal services in Sweden. Read more

non-profit organization looking to support your cause by applying for legal status or charitable status or setting up a planned giving program I can help you develop the necessary policies and processes that will ensure you meet your legal obligations and are accountable to your stakeholders and clients. Read more

Still unsure about whether you need my help? Why not take a look at Your Legal Check-Up to discover the areas where my services could be of benefit to you or contact me to arrange a consultation.