General Legal Consultation

I started my career in law in general practice, supporting people like you with the day-to-day legal matters that arise in life and business.

My many years of broad legal experience mean that I am able to provide well-informed, professional guidance that will help you consider critical issues and determine a course of action that best meets your needs.

Where it becomes apparent that expert counsel should be brought in, I will refer you to a specialist while ensuring that the transfer proceeds smoothly and all parties are kept fully informed.

Uncontested Family Matters
The complexities of family law in Ontario frequently require referral to a lawyer specializing in family law, however where there is no dispute, I can work with you to prepare prenuptial, co-habitation, and separation agreements and complete the paperwork required to finalize an uncontested divorce.

Improperly drafted agreements can result in misunderstandings and litigation. Without the use of independent legal advice, domestic agreements are open to accusations of undue influence and can be easily contested.

If you are contemplating co-habitation, marriage, or the break-down of a relationship, please contact me. I can help you consider the legal matters related to these issues.

Take a look these legal resources to find out more about the issues you may want to discuss with me.

Swedish-Canadian Legal Services
As a Swedish-Canadian with family ties in Sweden, I understand how daunting it can be to contemplate matters of estate planning and inheritance from a distance. Particularly when the requirements of a different jurisdiction can seem inaccessible or confusing.

To assist you in these matters, I have established a link with a Stockholm-based lawyer, who can provide legal advice and support in both Swedish and English. If you are interested in accessing these services, please contact me so I can connect you.

Business and Corporate matters
If you are contemplating entering into a partnership agreement or are thinking about incorporation, I can help you.

My legal expertise, years of practice and knowledge of how words can be interpreted by the courts mean that I understand the problems that can arise in these scenarios and how to avoid them.

I can work with you to ensure business agreements clearly identify the parties, accurately describe the obligations being entered into and are clear about what is being promised.

In the case of incorporation, it is important to realise that the act of incorporation is only the first step in a number of legal obligations and administrative tasks. I can help you determine if incorporation is right for you and help you understand the consequences of incorporating and your duties as a director.

If you’d like a legal perspective on these important business matters, contact me.

Take a look these legal resources  to find out more about the issues you may want to discuss with me.